Wall of Fun

After being away from downtown Jakarta for several days, I had the chance to visit one of the upscale malls in South Jakarta to meet up with a friend last week. It was rainy and chaotic day as usual; took me almost 2 hours to get there due to the traffic jam. What a stressful day! But soon after we entered the mall there was this board that attracted my attention.

It was a Stress-meter board set up by a reflexology place for its advertisement, actually. The crowd was asked to take a piece of paper from the board and to write down their stress of the day. There were four categories of problems to choose from: Career, Money, Family, and Love. After reading the posts one by one I ended up crouching at the board and laughed and laughed. The board surely served itself as a stress reliever. People walked away from the board with cheeky smiles and I suddenly realized that it was probably a mistake for the reflexology place to put it. Who needs reflexology now that everybody’s stress is gone?! 😀

Check out some of the posts!

"My boss looks like a rabbit"
"Spending money is stressful (Renny Sutiyoso, Adinda Bakrie)"
"My friend has a sugardaddy"
"Mom tells me to get married soon"

And below is my favorite 😀

"Damn it, I'm still single"

16 thoughts on “Wall of Fun

  1. Hmm…I just wondering…why these people easily put their name in post-it paper? Shouldn’t it be a secret? Should it be anonymous? Or is it a must?

    Yes, I’m laughing at “Disuruh cepet kawin sama emak” hahahahaha

    Just want to know why, why you declared the last post-it pic as your favorite? Any comment? hehehe…


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