Learning in Schools vs. Learning through Life

Every year, high school graduates leave their schools as newly independent persons and experience the world at first-hand. They are faced with two options in general: to start work immediately or to continue their studies at the university level. While some people such as Steve Jobs can be very successful without ever having to go to college, academic learning has proven to be a solid evidence of excellence in many aspects of our lives. Therefore, as appealing as learning through experience may be, high school graduates should take the academic pathway to guarantee a bright future.

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Salak Yom

When it comes to paying careful attention to details, one of the finest places to do so is the Asian Civilisations Museum of Singapore. Salak Yom, an annual Buddhist festival in Northern Thailand was celebrated in a beautifully-lit room containing decorated bamboo trees. Salak Yom was originally a rite of passage of young unmarried women. Her skills in preparing for the decoration show her sense of art, capability, and thus her readiness to get married.

And those little pieces made me stand in awe.




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The Boundaries of Dieng Plateau

High on the hills of Java lies the plateau of Dieng; a sacred ground to the Buddhists and Hindus who roamed the island long before the arrival of the New Religions. Up here, people live so close to the gods as the temples sit side-by-side with vast farmlands of potatoes, carrots, squashes, and tomatoes. Backing the prayers through its puffing ponds are the numerous craters which give vibes to the people and geothermal energy to faraway cities.

Life here is so free one can almost touch the gods by sitting inches to the craters with little or no boundary and letting your prayers go up and up. Here are the proofs:

Kawah Candradimuka; the breeding ground of Javanese warriors
Kawah Candradimuka; the breeding ground of Javanese warriors

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Kuliah Riang-Gembira Bersama BNI

Reuni FSUI sebentar lagi. Ada rasa gembira menanti bertemu teman, rekan, dan mantan. #eh

Jika saya mengingat lagi masa-masa kuliah, maka yang terkenang adalah masa-masa bermain yang riang-gembira. Iya, meski masa kuliah adalah waktunya mencapai kedewasaan berpikir melalui berdiskusi dan berkegiatan, nyatanya hari-hari bermain saya juga tak kalah banyaknya. Sewaktu kuliah sih, kita semua pasti ingin cepat-cepat lulus dan bekerja ya, namun kalau sekarang dipikir-dipikir lagi, pastilah kita sebetulnya ingin lebih lama lagi kuliah agar bisa lebih lama bermain.😀

Nah, pertanyaannya: kenapa sih saya bisa begitu riang dan gembira dalam menjalani perkuliahan? Saya bukan datang dari keluarga yang berada, lho. Meski uang kuliah di UI termasuk murah, bukan berarti uang itu bisa disiapkan dengan seketika. Perlu perjuangan keras juga dari orang tua khususnya untuk menyekolahkan anaknya ini. Lalu bagaimana uang kuliah itu bisa disiapkan?

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Malacca oh Malacca

I sometimes wonder: am I the only lunatic who likes to take snapshots of rivers wherever I go? I’ve been to many rivers and creeks only to take time to look at the stream and admire the view, or to curse the mismanagement that causes the water pollution.

Having seen various kinds of rivers, I am particularly drawn to Malacca River in Malaysia. Honestly, nothing much can be found here except the dense population in the old town and the tourist boats patroling the stream up and down. Even the quality of the water does not boast anything. However, compared to the rivers in several Indonesian cities, this one meanders calmly with groups of fish swimming around. Thanks to the strict environment policy of the local government, Malacca River has been kept clean throughout these years. And that, my friend, should well be a source of inspiration to the officials in my country.

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