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The Buried Fortress


If not for the occasional appearance in international headlines whenever Indonesia executes the drug convicts in the infamous Nusakambangan Island, the town of Cilacap in Central Java may easily be forgotten. It does serve as the main harbor for the prison island and many people merely bypass the roads and go straight to the harbor. Indeed, the sleepy town boasts little else than some beaches, and the domestic visitors often complain about the scorching heat. But a visit to a local attraction of Benteng Pendem (lit. The Buried Fortress) will reveal just how important this town was in the Dutch era when it served as a coast observation post to the passing vessels.

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Mighty Tree on Top

From the jungles of Siem Reap in the midst of the vast Angkor Wat complex, I present you Ta Prohm. People may instantly recognize the images from Angelina Jolie’s “The Tomb Raider” film. This temple is small compared to the main Angkor Wat Temple, but it is magnificent in its own right. The forest is slowly taking over the structures by sneaking in its roots among the stones and crawling its way to the top. Of course there are concerns over the preservation of the heritage and the visitors’ safety. However, some people argue that such invasion could actually strengthen the architecture.

The mighty trees of Ta Prohm sits like cherry on top of the temple and they provide some shelters and cool temperatures. Besides, the photographers and photographer-wannabes will not be short of inspiration.

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Domain Mapping: Checked

After blogging for over 6 years and dealing with several hosters, I’ve finally made a decision to unsubscribe from all local hosting services and map this precious domain to using their seamless domain mapping service. I had actually been contemplating about this for over 6 months before making the switch yesterday, but there were some initial steps that needed to be completed before finally activating the new address. Those steps were pretty complicated as I had to backtrack all the way to the basics, such as applying for a new credit card. But now that I’ve got all of the things sorted out, I’m ready to embark on a new journey.

The URL of this blog remains unchanged and there is absolutely nothing you should do at your end as everything has been taken care of by the awesome Automattic team. As always, thank you very much for your support during all these years. I’ll be back soon with more updates.