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Domain Mapping: Checked

After blogging for over 6 years and dealing with several hosters, I’ve finally made a decision to unsubscribe from all local hosting services and map this precious domain to using their seamless domain mapping service. I had actually been contemplating about this for over 6 months before making the switch yesterday, but there were some initial steps that needed to be completed before finally activating the new address. Those steps were pretty complicated as I had to backtrack all the way to the basics, such as applying for a new credit card. But now that I’ve got all of the things sorted out, I’m ready to embark on a new journey.

The URL of this blog remains unchanged and there is absolutely nothing you should do at your end as everything has been taken care of by the awesome Automattic team. As always, thank you very much for your support during all these years. I’ll be back soon with more updates.

Syarat Mengurus SKCK 2016

Setelah kurang-lebih 20 tahun tidak mengurus SKCK (terakhir mengurusnya sewaktu lulus SMA dan waktu itu dokumen ini masih bernama SKKB), akhirnya saya kembali mengurus dokumen tersebut minggu lalu untuk keperluan melamar pekerjaan. Yang saya dengar, proses pengurusan SKCK sekarang relatif cepat dan hanya memakan waktu 15 menit per berkas (tidak termasuk masa tunggu antrian). Yang merepotkan justru bukan di kantor polisinya, melainkan dokumen pendukung yang harus disiapkan sebelumnya yakni Surat Pengantar dari Kelurahan, yang itu juga artinya saya harus menyambangi RT dan RW setempat untuk meminta surat dari mereka.

Namun harap diperhatikan: ternyata ada beberapa poin persyaratan yang berbeda dengan informasi yang tertera di situs resmi POLRI dan sepertinya bervariasi tergantung kantor polisi mana yang kita datangi. Berikut saya bagikan pengalaman mengurus SKCK di salah satu Polsek di Kota Bekasi.

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#miladeBlogger7 Komunitas Blogger Depok

Tak terasa, hari ini Komunitas Blogger Depok (deBlogger) telah menginjak usia 7 tahun. Telah banyak hal yang dialami sejak berdirinya komunitas ini pada 31 Mei 2009 lalu di kota satelit Jakarta yang selalu macet namun ramai itu. Awalnya sederhana, sekelompok anak muda yang punya ikatan sosial dan emosional dengan Depok ingin membuka wadah bagi warga kota untuk bersuara melalui blog.

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So Long 2015

Let’s start today’s post by showing you the best nine pictures of my Instagram account from 2015. Pretty awesome, ey?! ☺

Thank you 2015 for having been kind to me despite all odds. Thank God for making my dreams come true. I’m far from a man who has pleased Him, but I pray that I will see Him guide me through all ups and downs.

And I wish you, my fellow bloggers, the best of blogging year ahead. Happy New Year 2016!

The Feline Quest

I found this little fellow at the local fastfood franchise in Jakarta yesterday, just sitting around on a customer chair (yep, the cleaners were nowhere to be found) and minding his own business. That was until someone came to the table to put a box of scrumptuous fried chicken and left to wash her hands; completely oblivious to the fact that that a feline was sitting about 15 centimeters away and was transitioning himself from a boyish cat to a potentially sneaky thief.

But mind you, he was no ordinary stray cat. Like a true gentleman, he pretended to look completely innocent during the ‘handover’, and he even bothered to check on his surroundings before finally gazing at the prey. Oh, I truly admired his attitude.

What? Did I warn the customer of the upcoming catastrophe? Of course not! I’d rather take out my phone to snap some pictures. Hehehe.


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