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Lagi-lagi Mentok

Mentok. Sudah hampir seminggu tidak ada tulisan yang keluar dan tiap hari stress memikirkan tema. Sebenarnya ada sih yang saya ingin tuliskan dan bahan-bahannya sudah disiapkan. Namun kok bahan-bahan itu tercecer dan belum sempat dicari kembali. Lalu kesibukan yang cukup menyita waktu… Ah banyaklah alasannya. Postingan ini juga sebenarnya karena kejar setoran saja agar target 10 postingan di Januari tercapai.

Sepertinya saya terjerembab dalam pola pemikiran dan kebodohan yang sama. Ke mana itu teknik free writing yang saya dengungkan?

Maaf, saat ini saya lagi mentok. Doakan agar semangat saya segera pulih ya teman-teman 🙂

Keep On Writing

Writers are often haunted with what is called writer’s block. It is often associated with professional writers that run out of ideas to write. It happens to all of us at a time, and it surely happens to me now. Although I do not call myself a professional writer or blogger, the urge to produce fresh writings in a timely manner is sometimes overwhelming that it results in a writer’s block, or blogger’s block. So why does it happen and how do you cope with it?

The cause may be various, from simply lacking an inspiration to a certain mental pressure that would cause an author to abandon his/her profession. As for me, staying at home for too long usually plays a major role. A man with itchy feet like me would always try to explore the outside world and see new things. I don’t really need to go out backpacking; a simple visit to the mall often would open my eyes. Watching a vibrant world around me would send fresh input to my brain that in turn could trigger the inspiration to pour out.

But sometimes you don’t have that luxury to go out. Maybe you’re tightly “locked” to your office or school. Browsing the internet and keeping in touch with friends through your cellphone don’t help you anymore. If that’s the case, my advice to you is to just keep on writing. Even a blogger’s block may become an inspiration for you to write about that particular feeling. Just keep writing, no matter how nonsense it may look, until you “crack open” your brain for new ideas.

Just giving you my two-cents for the day ^^