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SWOT Analysis 101

As a trainer for Business English classes I often find myself having interesting conversations with the students on various topics other than the English language itself. Teaching Business English has double advantages, which are sharing our language inquisition methods and also learning sound knowledge of business using the students as resources. When I started teaching business classes I would sometimes become nervous because of lack of reference on topics to provide. However as we progressed we then realized that our task is not to feed them with knowledge; instead we should extract them from the students’ minds. By doing so they are unconsciously practicing speaking and gaining more confidence with their own fresh ideas.

In the past few weeks we have come to an interesting topic through one of the units in the ‘First Insights to Business’ book, that is ‘Troubleshooting’. The first task in the unit is to assess the past state of a fashion model agency that had not gained profit due to mismanagement. Then entered Jonathan Phang, a brilliant Managing Director who took the risk by hiring, if not hijacking, fresh models from other agencies. When we finally read that his maneuvers were successful, we were asked to look at the key facts and performed a SWOT Analysis on them. Now what is it all about?!

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