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Laughter: The Best (Forgotten) Medicine

Dailypost posted an interesting topic today: Describe what your laugh sounds like. It’s pretty easy to answer that. My laugh is probably the loudest in the family and I’m not embarrassed to show it off in public. And true to what they say, laughter is contagious as it spreads joy to the people around you. However people seem to forget these days that laughter can actually be the best, and simplest, medicine you ever have. Uhm, let’s see:

1. Reduces your level of stress.

2. Provides physical and emotional release.

3. Serves as internal workout of your body.

(Read the full article here).

People (myself included) are so tied up to our tightest level of emotion that we find it hard to let go some of it and indulge ourselves in a good laugh. So rather than analyzing the sound of my laughter, I asked myself when did I have a good laugh last time? If you don’t know the answer, then it’s probably a good time to have it a go again. Having said that, allow me to show you the most popular video on Youtube. Ever! 😀