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Malacca oh Malacca

I sometimes wonder: am I the only lunatic who likes to take snapshots of rivers wherever I go? I’ve been to many rivers and creeks only to take time to look at the stream and admire the view, or to curse the mismanagement that causes the water pollution.

Having seen various kinds of rivers, I am particularly drawn to Malacca River in Malaysia. Honestly, nothing much can be found here except the dense population in the old town and the tourist boats patroling the stream up and down. Even the quality of the water does not boast anything. However, compared to the rivers in several Indonesian cities, this one meanders calmly with groups of fish swimming around. Thanks to the strict environment policy of the local government, Malacca River has been kept clean throughout these years. And that, my friend, should well be a source of inspiration to the officials in my country.

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