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Serially Lost (1): The School Gang

We’ve gained a lot and lost a lot in our lives. While gaining something is always associated with achievement, losing is something we usually refrain from discussion at the dinner table. So how would you discuss something that you’ve lost without feeling gloomy or embarrassed? It’s a challenge I hope to answer in 3 posts. Now let me show you a picture:


This picture was taken on the last day of the National Examination. We had 41 people in our class (two were not seen here) and Mrs. Haryati was the teacher responsible to oversee our progress. Studying together for 2 years under huge pressure from Maths and Science classes really bonded us as friends (even gangs). Some were notorious for being troublemakers at school, but they always treated their own classmates as their own brothers and sisters. I even felt protected by them from the bullies outside the school premise.

Much has changed after 21 years. Six people went on to become doctors, one became a pilot, another is now an Army officer, and countless friends are now corporate employees of all sorts. Some of the girls resigned from the career ladder and took a wise step to become mothers. I myself am now a teacher. Sadly, two of our friends have passed away: one was still in the university, and the other after delivering her baby.

It’s always wonderful to see them again in reunions; seeing how they’ve grown, raise families, reminisce the past, and talk about the future. Here’s the latest picture taken during our last reunion:


Cheers to another reunion in 20 years time! 😀