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Java Jazz: As It Happens

Greetings to you LIVE from the AXIS Java Jazz Festival 2011 :D

Yep, I’m finally here and have been enjoying a day of feast to the soul. Sedari siang tadi saya sudah banyak mendengarkan performance ciamik dari banyak musisi jazz Indonesia maupun internasional. But hey, I’m gonna highlight a few. More stories coming to you within a day or two with pictures. Sorry I failed to upload any picture today so you just have to bear with my stories. :D

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Pajak: Antara Benci dan Rindu

Setelah melirik kalender pagi ini tiba-tiba saya terkejut sendiri: sudah tanggal 2 Maret. Itu berarti ada kewajiban yang sebentar lagi jatuh tempo. Yup, kewajiban mengisi dan melaporkan SPT Tahunan Pajak Penghasilan. Setiap tahun harus mengisi namun setiap tahun pula lupa caranya! :D Sebenarnya saya agak menyesal mendaftarkan NPWP (jujur boleh dong?! ini kan blog sendiri). Pertama kali saya mendaftar untuk mendapat NPWP adalah akhir November 2008 ketika ada Sunset Policy dari Dirjen Pajak. Iming-iming waktu itu adalah: bebas fiskal luar negeri mulai 1 Januari 2009 untuk para pemegang NPWP. Jadilah saya mendaftar. Eh sekarang sudah tahun 2011 dan saya belum pernah ke luar negeri lagi, sementara mulai 1 Januari 2011 semua WNI sudah dibebaskan dari fiskal ketika hendak ke luar negeri. Jadi buat apa dong saya repot-repot memiliki NPWP?! Hehe.

Lalu apa gunanya memiliki NPWP?

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Laughter: The Best (Forgotten) Medicine

Dailypost posted an interesting topic today: Describe what your laugh sounds like. It’s pretty easy to answer that. My laugh is probably the loudest in the family and I’m not embarrassed to show it off in public. And true to what they say, laughter is contagious as it spreads joy to the people around you. However people seem to forget these days that laughter can actually be the best, and simplest, medicine you ever have. Uhm, let’s see:

1. Reduces your level of stress.

2. Provides physical and emotional release.

3. Serves as internal workout of your body.

(Read the full article here).

People (myself included) are so tied up to our tightest level of emotion that we find it hard to let go some of it and indulge ourselves in a good laugh. So rather than analyzing the sound of my laughter, I asked myself when did I have a good laugh last time? If you don’t know the answer, then it’s probably a good time to have it a go again. Having said that, allow me to show you the most popular video on Youtube. Ever! :D

Free Writing: Bebaskan Kebuntuan Otakmu!

Berawal dari blog Dailypost, malam ini saya secara tidak sengaja membaca artikel mengenai Free Writing, yaitu sebuah aktivitas menulis dalam periode tertentu yang dihitung (misalnya 5, 10, 15 menit) di mana penulis akan menulis secara terus-menerus tanpa henti tentang apa saja yang ada dalam pemikirannya dan mengabaikan kesalahan ejaan, tanda baca, dan ide yang tidak beraturan. Intinya: keluarkan saja terus apa yang ada di kepala Anda dan teruslah menulis sampai alarm berbunyi. Berani coba? Yuk!


saya merasa terganggu dengan iklan yang tiba-iab munul di dashboard wordpress saya, sejauh ini saya mengira bahwa ordpress tidak pernah memasang ilan di websitenya. tapi memang mungkin aja ada peraturan itu sewaktu saya mendaftar layanan blog gratisan ini dulu. masalahya tampilan iklan itu cukup mengganggu; memakan hampir seluuruh sidebar kanan seingga menyulitkan saja yang ingin memerikas progres tulisan.

[End] [2 minutes]

Sekarang mari kita ulas sedikit!

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Dream of Guyana: Tale of A Corrupt Tax Official

Guyana, an exotic tropical country in the South American continent, suddenly appeared on headlines in Indonesian media today. An allegedly corrupt tax official currently in trial, Gayus Tambunan, forged Guyanese passports together with his wife in a apparent move to flee the country to avoid being convicted.

He was earlier found to have possessed a forged Indonesian passport and used it to travel to Malaysia, Singapore, and Macau, all of which were conducted when he was thought to be in custody during the investigation of his graft case. As if the government was not embarrassed enough of the graft case which allegedly involved prominent companies and politicians in the country, the forgery case serves as hard evidence on how sneaky a tax official could possibly maneuver and arguably threw the entire law and order onto his feet.

Or perhaps he has always longed to live in Guyana, a country blessed with the breathtaking Kaieteur Falls (as seen on the picture, taken from boxturtlebulltin.com). It’s a land with 767,000 population and nobody may not ever recognize his face and ugly wig. :D And come to think of it, it may not be a bad choice for him to choose that holiday spot and perhaps let us move on. This case, as many other graft cases that have been unveiled, has been overwhelmingly exposed that it just makes us sick!

Here’s a recap from ‘The Jakarta Post':

Police found new fake passports bearing pics of Gayus, Milana

The information technology team with the National Police found in an email sent by American passport syndicate suspect John Jerome Greece, now at large, two passport pictures issued by the Republic of Guyana bearing photos of graft defendant Gayus H. Tambunan and his wife, Milana Anggraeni.

“In the email, we allege the use of foreign passports as we found pics of couples resembling Gayus and his wife. Those [passports] belong to Guyana,” National Police deputy spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said on Tuesday.

The “Gayus” passport has the name of Yosep Morris, born on May 9 1979, and is valid from July, 23, 2007 to July 12, 2012, while the “Milana” passport holds the name of Ann Morris, born on Feb. 6, 1979, valid from July 18, 2007 until July 18, 2012.

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Rosas Pandan: A Chorale Celebration

I stumbled across a video this morning. Infinito Singers, a choir from Indonesia sang ‘Rosas Pandan’, a beautiful tune from The Philippines. This song is in Cebuano, one of the native languages of The Philippines and tells about a mountain maid who loves to dance the balitaw, a folkdance in the country.

Apart from the beautiful rendition and a twisting clap at the end, it is heartening to know that such a beautiful song with perfect diction (as some Filipinos commented on Youtube) is performed by an Indonesian choir. Kudos to Infinito Singers. And hope you readers are blessed with this masterpiece as well. :D

Why On Earth Did I Blog?

Here goes another article about blogging that is beginning to look like junk over the internet. Let’s be honest: what do you think if you visit a blog for the first time and find out that it’s filled with lengthy and boring posts about blogging, blogging tips, blogging tricks, discussions about blogging, optimizing and monetizing your blogs?! OK, you’ve got the idea and are now probably ready to click the ‘close’ button on my blog. :D

I’ve actually been fed up with writing on ‘blogging’ until I read an interesting question on dailypost: “Why did you start (blogging)?” I started sometime in 2005 and kept changing names and servers until I have this one, but I truthfully don’t know the answer to that. Writing on the internet was a cool idea at the time and I spent a great effort modifying the outlook of the blog but hardly wrote anything worth a Nobel Prize in Literature! *slap* :D My passion for writing grew slowly over the years to the point that I decided to blog more seriously and engaged myself in local blogger and social media communities in Indonesia. It took some years to finally be able to write specific genres and explore several approaches in expressing my thoughts. It’s a slow, but fruitful, learning experience.

Therefore rather than pondering worthlessly over the question, let’s take a look at what I have accomplished so far:

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Post A Week 2011: The Latest Madness

Yes, I would call it the latest madness simply because there should be no hard rule when it comes to blogging. Blogging is a medium of writing where we share ideas in it happily and willingly. My blogging schedule is up to me and nobody should tell me when to write or to remind me if my commitment to blogging is due.

But then again, I do feel the ‘need’ to blog. For the past year, blogging has become somewhat a therapy for me during the ups and downs of my work. Blogging keeps me sane and makes my brain active. I read somewhere that writing is a way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer next to speaking and understanding a foreign language. So being a blogger and a multilingual speaker (Indonesian, English, and Japanese), I feel that I’m way ahead of some people. *slap* :D

So when I came across a challenge to post a blog every day or every week for the entire 2011, I quickly decided to sign up to participate. Oh no, I have no intention to post a blog every single day because I still won’t allow hard rules from controlling my daily schedule. So I settled to the idea of Post A Week 2011; that’s more realistic as I can commit to the minimum easily and even post some more if time (and mood) permits. I would switch languages from time to time so spare me from your harsh comments if you began to see some junk you can’t understand :D

So there you go: my first public resolution for 2011. I look forward to your support. If you’re interested to know more or even take part, I encourage you to visit dailypost.wordpress.com

Cheers :D

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