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The Buried Fortress


If not for the occasional appearance in international headlines whenever Indonesia executes the drug convicts in the infamous Nusakambangan Island, the town of Cilacap in Central Java may easily be forgotten. It does serve as the main harbor for the prison island and many people merely bypass the roads and go straight to the harbor. Indeed, the sleepy town boasts little else than some beaches, and the domestic visitors often complain about the scorching heat. But a visit to a local attraction of Benteng Pendem (lit. The Buried Fortress) will reveal just how important this town was in the Dutch era when it served as a coast observation post to the passing vessels.

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The Boundaries of Dieng Plateau

High on the hills of Java lies the plateau of Dieng; a sacred ground to the Buddhists and Hindus who roamed the island long before the arrival of the New Religions. Up here, people live so close to the gods as the temples sit side-by-side with vast farmlands of potatoes, carrots, squashes, and tomatoes. Backing the prayers through its puffing ponds are the numerous craters which give vibes to the people and geothermal energy to faraway cities.

Life here is so free one can almost touch the gods by sitting inches to the craters with little or no boundary and letting your prayers go up and up. Here are the proofs:

Kawah Candradimuka; the breeding ground of Javanese warriors
Kawah Candradimuka; the breeding ground of Javanese warriors

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