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Blurred Phnom Penh

First of all, I never thought I would have the opportunity to showcase these blurred pictures of Cambodia had it not because of Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Second, it does take some time to dig in to your collections and to appreciate some old images from a fresh perspective, as if you couldn’t believe you had snapped them.

These pictures were taken on the eve of my arrival in Phnom Penh and, after a quick shower at the hotel, I decided to head to the city center. The first stop was Psar Thmei or Central Market. It was 10 PM and all the shops had been closed but you could still admire the grand architectural design from the French Indochina era. As with the rest of Cambodia, tuktuks were everywhere and a single ride was quite costly compared to where I come from.


A short walk from the market to the east were the landmarks of the capital city such as The Grand Place, The National Museum, and all sorts of government offices until you reach the Tonle Sap river. It greeted me with its gentle breeze and calm water.


Midnight was approaching and many parts of the district were already dark; Phnom Penh had never lost its eerie charm from the dark past some 30 years ago. But some areas began to wake up and welcome its partygoers, and that’s where I was going. Yeah!