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Would You Tip the Owner?

I was at the barber shop this afternoon to have my hair cut. After visiting this shop a couple of times I noticed that the owner often hangs around at the premise although he’s got about half a dozen employees and today was no exception. So I entered the shop and was greeted by the owner himself who then instructed a female employee to wash my hair. After being seated at the chair, he rose up from behind the cashier and performed his job. He only asked a quick question of how I wanted my hair to look like. I simply answered, “Short,” then he nodded and started cutting my hair. It lasted for about 10 minutes. Followed by another washing, then I was done. It only took a total of 20 minutes of my time.

Then came the confusing part. When I go to a barber shop I would always tip the guy/girl who cut my hair. But today the shop owner served me. Should I give him a tip? Share your thoughts, please 🙂


Image source: chrisdetrick.com