The Feline Quest

I found this little fellow at the local fastfood franchise in Jakarta yesterday, just sitting around on a customer chair (yep, the cleaners were nowhere to be found) and minding his own business. That was until someone came to the table to put a box of scrumptuous fried chicken and left to wash her hands; completely oblivious to the fact that that a feline was sitting about 15 centimeters away and was transitioning himself from a boyish cat to a potentially sneaky thief.

But mind you, he was no ordinary stray cat. Like a true gentleman, he pretended to look completely innocent during the ‘handover’, and he even bothered to check on his surroundings before finally gazing at the prey. Oh, I truly admired his attitude.

What? Did I warn the customer of the upcoming catastrophe? Of course not! I’d rather take out my phone to snap some pictures. Hehehe.


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19 thoughts on “The Feline Quest

  1. Lovely cat. In Jogja, when I was there, there is a cafe that let the owner’s cats laze around the cafe, and let the customers to play with the cat.
    Greeting from Lombok, waiting for the visit to my blog 😀


  2. “..he even bothered to check on his surroundings before finally gazing at the prey” –lol 😀
    that cat be like “maybe if i am gentlecat enough this hooman will feed me some chicken wings”


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