The Pyramid of Java

Welcome to Duplak, the highest human settlement on the hills of Jepara, Central Java. Sure, the view is breathtaking although others may argue that their villages are as beautiful and unique. Now let’s have a look:

Of course it’s beautiful. Wait, there’s more. Look at the fourth picture and pay attention to the triangle-like summit. If you see nothing special there, fine. But if you go to a certain spot in the valley, you’ll be able to gaze at the same summit up close from a different angle. Like this:

CAM00152Meet one of the summits of Songgolikur hills a.k.a. the Pyramid of Java.


More takes on this challenge can be found here.

33 thoughts on “The Pyramid of Java

    1. Sebenarnya gak juga. Cuma kalo dari posisi itu keliatan runcing. Coba perhatikan foto sebelumnya, kamu akan liat kok puncaknya yg mana di antara jajaran bukit itu.


    1. Eits jangan salah. Jalanan relatif mulus sampe ke kampung terakhir. Pake mobil/motor aja. Konon di sana dulu tinggal penasehat spiritual sang bupati. Makanya pembangunan jalanan dan listrik digenjot. Hahahaha.

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