Floating West Papua

It was a Saturday. I arrived at the boat after an overnight flight from Jakarta to Ambon, connecting with a small ATR bird to the city of Fakfak on the west coast of Papua. The thought of native people with piercing unwelcoming eyes and malaria filled the brain and I wasn’t ready to embrace the marine life for the next several days. It was miserable, especially after I opened my phone and found no signal. Well, unless you could suffice yourself by listening to the local government radio all day.

And that was when I saw this:


It was around 5 PM and the villagers were repairing the roof on one of the fish cages. Looked like you barely had space inside, but the wooden hut with the coconut-leaf roof could actually sustain a family of 2 children and a dog that lived there for months. They did come to the village almost every day to grow vegetables or other activities, but that hut was home.

And soon afterwards, this:


Well, if this kind of sunset was going to greet me every evening, then everything could turn out to be just fine.

And just when everything seemed okay, the reality struck: “Tomorrow I’m going to the fish cage, and that also means I’m gonna be forced to learn how to swim!”


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4 thoughts on “Floating West Papua

  1. Wah kalau baca tentang perairan di sana langsung ingat acara mancing mania di trans 7, kalau ngga salah di laut sekitar situ juga, tampatnya para ikan favorit pemancing, marlin, berkeliaran.. CMIIW


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