Why On Earth Did I Blog?

Here goes another article about blogging that is beginning to look like junk over the internet. Let’s be honest: what do you think if you visit a blog for the first time and find out that it’s filled with lengthy and boring posts about blogging, blogging tips, blogging tricks, discussions about blogging, optimizing and monetizing your blogs?! OK, you’ve got the idea and are now probably ready to click the ‘close’ button on my blog. 😀

I’ve actually been fed up with writing on ‘blogging’ until I read an interesting question on dailypost: “Why did you start (blogging)?” I started sometime in 2005 and kept changing names and servers until I have this one, but I truthfully don’t know the answer to that. Writing on the internet was a cool idea at the time and I spent a great effort modifying the outlook of the blog but hardly wrote anything worth a Nobel Prize in Literature! *slap* 😀 My passion for writing grew slowly over the years to the point that I decided to blog more seriously and engaged myself in local blogger and social media communities in Indonesia. It took some years to finally be able to write specific genres and explore several approaches in expressing my thoughts. It’s a slow, but fruitful, learning experience.

Therefore rather than pondering worthlessly over the question, let’s take a look at what I have accomplished so far:

1. Set up a total of 10 free blogs in various servers (blogspot, wordpress, multiply, you name it). Focused mainly on checking out the features and searching for interesting skins. But all of them are now gone!

2. Have written around 240 posts over 5 years in all those blogs and managed to import them into one blog for archives’ purposes. Mainly focused on day-to-day ramblings but there were also other genres such as travelogs, politics, business, and some more ramblings. 😉

3. Both faithful blogging and hiatus periods were observed accordingly.

4. Published a few articles without permission and certainly without citing the sources.

5. “Click my ads, please. I’ll click yours, too!”

6. After a long hiatus, had a moment of revelation and decided to blog more seriously in 2010.

7. Set up a new blog with paid domain and hosting stuffs. But now back to free service in WordPress and will develop that paid service to some online business later.

8. Even won a writing contest.


So you see, I’m not so much different than you; there are ups and downs, sweet moments and hard lessons learned, but it was overall a worthwhile experience. I’m now looking forward to a blogging journey in 2011; hopefully some more good things will come. 😀

Happy blogging!


Image taken from reallygoodfriend.com

19 thoughts on “Why On Earth Did I Blog?

    1. you mean being honest about citing the sources if you copied their work?! hehehe, yeah i learned from that mistake long ago. thanks for sharing your thoughts 😉


  1. speaking about honesty, seems sometimes it should not be spoken, otherwise it might be hurt someone who can not accept the honesty itself. *curcol* LOL


    1. that’s right. but again this article is about blogging. i assume what Gie meant about honesty is that we should be honest in recognizing other people’s work and quote their writings properly. 😀


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