Post A Week 2011: The Latest Madness

Yes, I would call it the latest madness simply because there should be no hard rule when it comes to blogging. Blogging is a medium of writing where we share ideas in it happily and willingly. My blogging schedule is up to me and nobody should tell me when to write or to remind me if my commitment to blogging is due.

But then again, I do feel the ‘need’ to blog. For the past year, blogging has become somewhat a therapy for me during the ups and downs of my work. Blogging keeps me sane and makes my brain active. I read somewhere that writing is a way to reduce the risk of Alzheimer next to speaking and understanding a foreign language. So being a blogger and a multilingual speaker (Indonesian, English, and Japanese), I feel that I’m way ahead of some people. *slap* πŸ˜€

So when I came across a challenge to post a blog every day or every week for the entire 2011, I quickly decided to sign up to participate. Oh no, I have no intention to post a blog every single day because I still won’t allow hard rules from controlling my daily schedule. So I settled to the idea of Post A Week 2011; that’s more realistic as I can commit to the minimum easily and even post some more if time (and mood) permits. I would switch languages from time to time so spare me from your harsh comments if you began to see some junk you can’t understand πŸ˜€

So there you go: my first public resolution for 2011. I look forward to your support. If you’re interested to know more or even take part, I encourage you to visit

Cheers πŸ˜€

indobrad / Jakarta, Indonesia

13 thoughts on “Post A Week 2011: The Latest Madness

  1. Gee …
    The first time I knew about the POST A DAY 2011 from one’s blog and I thought it’s a good idea as well so I think to follow the idea. And now you are saying about POST A WEEK 2011, then I think it’s more reasonable for me πŸ™‚


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