November Reflection

It’s the last day of November. Soon this month will pass and before we realize it, Christmas will come. But before we prepare ourselves for the bustling Christmas and New Year parties, let me recap some things from November.

1. Birthday celebration

This moth started with my birthday celebration on the first day. Nothing much happened since I wanted this to become a modest event. However a group of close friends surprised me with a birthday cake when I went to a meeting. How sweet! Here’s a picture of the cake:

Special thanks to Aris Sunawar, Syarifurqon, Iman Sulaiman, and Dodi Mulyana for their friendship πŸ˜€

2. Depok Blog Competition Final (LBD)

The winners of the competition was announced in a special event that was held on November 6 at Depok Mall. It was a big relief for all members of Depok Blogger Community after 4 months of work and (often) heated discussion with the local government agency for securing our rights as the event organizer. It was personally a disappointment to see the initial verbal agreement reduced substantially and our attempt to carve a Memorandum of Understanding took a lengthy procedure with more than 5 times of modification. Lesson learned: never hesitate to cooperate with the bureaucratic organization, but arm yourself with a written agreement before you start working together.

3. Reviews on Books & Movies

There were 2 movies scheduled to be released in November that caught my attention: The Social Network and Harry Potter. I took the time to watch those movies alone because of schedule constraints. But it wasn’t bad at all. I wrote the review of The Social Network in Indonesian language here, but I didn’t reflect anything after watching Harry Potter. Perhaps it is best to write my account on that film later when the second part of the movie will be released in summer 2011.

As for books, I managed to finish Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert but unfortunately did not find anything impressive to write. But then I bought another book almost by accident because I did not know any recommendation beforehand; I just read a little information about the book at the back cover and checked the price. Ceritalah Indonesia is written by Karim Raslan, a Malaysian author and he wrote his account on many aspects of Indonesia. I wrote the review (in Indonesian) here.

4. Blogging Frenzy

I call it frenzy because November is probably the most productive month for me as a blogger with 12 writings in my self-hosted blog plus a few more in this free account. It wasn’t my intention to create this account since I already have one, but a series of errors prompted me to rethink my blogging priorities. So I’ve come to the conclusion to write in 2 blogs from now on. I shall keep my self-hosted blog for my writings in Indonesian and this free account for writings in English. Perhaps I will set aside that self-hosted blog for business use in the future.

5. Crossroad

It’s been a few times in the last few years that I’ve arrived at the crossroad of my career. Being an interpreter is inspiring and the money is good, but the uncertainty of the schedule forces me to think twice to stay in this path. I now have three options: to go back to teaching, apply for a job at some companies, or start a new business. I may have to choose between the first or the second option, but I still would like to start a new business no matter what. Let it be a personal startup or a joint venture with a friend, I don’t know yet.

As for now, I pray that December will be kind πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “November Reflection

  1. Koment dulu baru baca lengkap hahaha #eh tp mengenai ultahnya brarti waktu diculik pas ultah yah om brad? *gk bisa komen2 panjang, pake hp*


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