The Obama Frenzy

Indonesians were in frenzy for the past 24 hours as the US President Barack Obama visited the country. Live TV coverage glued his appearance from the moment he stepped off the plane accompanied by the First Lady Michelle Obama, the bilateral talks and dinner reception at the State Palace, the visit to the Istiqlal Mosque, and finally, a Studium Generale at the University of Indonesia.

Apart from the discussion result announced at the Joint Conference between Mr. Obama and the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, or the good laugh on twitter following the worthless tweet by the Information Minister Tifatulย  Sembiring explaining why he accidentally shook the First Lady’s hands and even blamed Michelle for it, I particularly paid attention to the speech he delivered this morning at the University of Indonesia’s Balairung Hall. With confidence as always, he awed the scholars and special guests with his clear statements in a remarkably authoritative tone.

“Indonesia is a part of me,” was his first statement in Indonesian and was cheerfully applauded by some 6000 people in the hall. He uttered a few more words and received the same cheer, but at this point I cannot help but think that we are overdoing it. Sure, Obama’s visit has a strong romantic element in it, but it is much beyond a homecoming one; his goal is to forge stronger ties between the US and Indonesia as a US President. Therefore we must stop referring him as ‘Barry the Menteng Dalam boy’ and start calculating the profit and loss that we could gain from this visit. Indonesia is no longer a third world country that begged for international aid for projects; we are a key player in the global economy.

Now that the US President has left, it is time to get back to work and put that Comprehensive Partnership that was announced last night into reality.


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27 thoughts on “The Obama Frenzy

  1. belum kelar ini,Brad???
    Kok berhenti di โ€œIndonesia is a part of me,โ€ was his first statement in Indonesian and was cheerfully applauded by some 6000 people in the hall. He uttered a few more words and received the same cheer, but at this point… terusannya mana???


  2. bener.. bener… gue malah heran, kok di koran online ga nemu komen SBY tentang hasil pertemuannya ama Obama. Ato gue kudu baca di koran beneran ya???


    1. maksudnya ya bukan komen nasi gorengnya enak ato ada rambutan di makan malem…. terlalu banyak berita ga penting yg diposting (tapi kalo info perancang bajunya michelle sih termasuk penting ya…)


      1. btw, tau gak kalo salah satu tv swasta *gak boleh sebut nama* menampilkan Agnes Monica sebagai komentator live event Obama pidato di UI. Alasannya: karena Agnes mau ke Amerika. Go figure =))


  3. Too much euforia for him. The pathetic thing that I ever heard is “Mr. Obama, Thanks for your coming. May you help Indonesia…” Jesus!!!!

    I myself always belief that, we could do better and better if we embargo ourselves. Use our product, use our people, use our resources. Hard to do, easy to speak. But, somehow I think it’s reminds us to stay standing still in our bare feet. Yes, our feet.


  4. Hmmโ€ฆglobal economyโ€ฆ.is it a term that capitalism and western world has raised into? #skepticalradical

    *still donโ€™t get it why people flattering him too much*

    No, Iโ€™m not anti-Obama. But, he could do nothing for Indonesia, he has something to do in his own country *againskepticalradical* so why we Hallelujah-him?


    1. bwahahaha, sama banget sama komentar di atas: yang penting bajunya Michelle kayak apa. And you know what, model baju terusan merah dan celana hitam yang dipakai Michelle pas turun dari pesawat itu katanya pertama kali dipakai Michelle loh. Sempet dibahas di Huffington Post. Penting kan?! hehehe


  5. Mbaca postingan ini jadi inget dah lama ga bikin postingan enggresan ๐Ÿ˜›

    romantisme masa lalu memang menyenangkan untuk dikenang …. nostalgia … tapi pada ngeuh ga ketika Obama bilang klo kehadiran dia bukan untuk urusan nostalgia itu??? *kurleb begitulah katanya*

    klo Obama sendiri sudah bilang begitu, mestinya (pemerintah) kita sadar sesadar-sadarnya toh toh toh toh???


  6. weeewwbahasa inggris,,,,
    mau komen pake bahasa inggris takutnya diapus karena salah grammar hehehe

    yang saya ingat dari pidatonya cuma “pulang kampung nih!”

    udah dah itu bubu lagi (efek mendekam di RS)


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