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RMS: Realita Atau Drama?

Beberapa hari terakhir ini kita kembali mendengar berita tentang sebuah organisasi yang mendukung kemerdekaan sebuah wilayah di Indonesia setelah lama gerakan ini tidak masuk ke dalam headline berita. Itulah Republik Maluku Selatan (RMS). Di tengah rencana kunjungan Presiden RI ke Belanda tanggal 5-9 Oktober, merebak kabar tentang sebuah perjuangan di pengadilan Den Haag, Belanda, yang menginginkan agar Presiden RI ditangkap ketika menjejakkan kakinya di Belanda. Cuplikan beritanya dapat dibaca di sini:

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Indonesian president cancels Dutch visit

JAKARTA, Oct. 6 (UPI) — The possibility of arrest in the Netherlands forced Indonesia’s president to cancel his state visit at the very last minute at Jakarta’s airport.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was reportedly aboard his plane when he made his decision. It would have been the first state visit to the Netherlands by an Indonesian president in almost 40 years.

The issue for the Indonesian president is the separatist group the Republic of South Moluccas, which has a base in the Netherlands. The group asked a Dutch court to order the arrest of the Yudhoyono in connection with alleged human rights violations between 1999 and 2002.

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Siapakah sebenarnya RMS ini?

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‘V’ for …?

Hari ini saya sedang berselancar di internet seperti biasa. Saya biasanya membuka website Mbah Gugel dan memasukkan beragam keyword ke dalam mesin pencari tersebut guna menemukan informasi tentang apa saja. Yang saya suka dari Gugel adalah ketika saya sedang mengetik sebuah kata di search bar, segera akan muncul dropdown yang memberi saran hasil pencarian dari kata tersebut sebelum saya menekan tombol ‘Enter’. Dropdown tersebut mencerminkan pencarian-pencarian terpopuler yang menggunakan kata yang sedang saya ketik tersebut. Nah, hari ini secara tidak sengaja saya mengetikkan huruf ‘V’ ke search bar mesin pencari tersebut. Dan coba saksikan apa yang saya temukan:

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It’s October, puppies and kittens!

Today is the first day of October. Surely fall is already covering the Northern Hemisphere and the earth is beautifully decorated with colorful leaves; fruits are ripening just in time before snow; and farmers are busy piling up stocks. The weather is getting cooler day by day and people add one more layer of clothes outdoor. Aaah, soon there will be Halloween and pumpkins are once again rocketing their selling prices. But what is it like in tropical countries like, say, Indonesia?

The reality set by nature is quite different. The hot temperature is pretty much the same all year round although the air would cool down a bit when it rains. From what I learned in school, October would be the start of the rainy season and would continue until April. But the funny thing is, I haven’t really felt the dry season this year because of the frequent rain that often pour in the afternoon. The heat in the morning is unbearable but thick clouds would soon merge shortly after midday. I can’t help but wonder on things that have been going on with the weather of our planet in recent years. I mean, we can’t really predict anything anymore; mango season would turn up late and they’re not as sweet as before due to heavier content of water. That’s just a simple example of mangoes; what about rice harvest time? Of course I know the key contributing factor: GLOBAL WARMING. But has it really affected home?!

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