It’s October, puppies and kittens!

Today is the first day of October. Surely fall is already covering the Northern Hemisphere and the earth is beautifully decorated with colorful leaves; fruits are ripening just in time before snow; and farmers are busy piling up stocks. The weather is getting cooler day by day and people add one more layer of clothes outdoor. Aaah, soon there will be Halloween and pumpkins are once again rocketing their selling prices. But what is it like in tropical countries like, say, Indonesia?

The reality set by nature is quite different. The hot temperature is pretty much the same all year round although the air would cool down a bit when it rains. From what I learned in school, October would be the start of the rainy season and would continue until April. But the funny thing is, I haven’t really felt the dry season this year because of the frequent rain that often pour in the afternoon. The heat in the morning is unbearable but thick clouds would soon merge shortly after midday. I can’t help but wonder on things that have been going on with the weather of our planet in recent years. I mean, we can’t really predict anything anymore; mango season would turn up late and they’re not as sweet as before due to heavier content of water. That’s just a simple example of mangoes; what about rice harvest time? Of course I know the key contributing factor: GLOBAL WARMING. But has it really affected home?!

The word ‘Global Warming’ has invaded our daily conversations and people would pay more attention to the sky and the temperature nowadays. Walking on the streets has never been so difficult and going over a mere 100 meters would make you sweat like you have just finished a marathon race. I might not be able to grasp the whole thing on Global Warming, but here’s what I know so far:

1. The temperature is rising and so does the sea level >>> seaside cities and villages are at risk of going under water.

2. The weather is unpredictable, expect long excessive heat or days of neverending rain >>> crops will be ruined for sure.

3. Crops are more difficult to harvest and water access becomes more limited >>> widespread famine and disease would break.

So what exactly can I do as a single person to prevent this? Here are a few examples:

1. Plant more trees around the house; a pot of weed would turn into a miracle.

2. Recycle, recycle, recyle.

3. Save energy; do not use electricity excessively.

But even after all efforts by the entire population, I wonder whether the global warming is a reversible process….


Image 1: Fine Art America

Image 2: Wiro Ganteng

26 thoughts on “It’s October, puppies and kittens!

  1. Global warming speed up at amazing pace. Al Gore makes this photos shoot collection, taken from early-1900 until now. It does shown, earth temperature increasing several degrees and it makes the whole climate behavior changes.

    But I obviously degree with your personal resolution. I believe, each and every one of us should do these simple steps. Plant more trees, trash-less, save energy *switch off the light and AC whenever not in use* and walk more *instead of using that high-cc expensive luxury car VROOM VROOM*

    *fiuhhh…..mudah-mudahan bahasa Inggrisnya gak belepotan* hahahaha


    1. *maaf udah gak ada energi membalas komentar pake inggris. hihihi*

      emang udara semakin panas sih. sekarang kemana-mana udah berasa lagi dikukus. trus kalo bawa laptop di tas, suka kuatir itu laptop meledak krn suhu panas. hehehe.


  2. yang penting harus mulai mencoba untuk mengatasi global warming dari tiap2 individu, sekecil apapun usahanya… use reusable bag kek… ridesharing kek… dan moga2 nantinya bumi ini bisa terselamatkan… πŸ™‚


  3. Jadi kesimpulannya di Indonesia saat ini tetap 2 musim, pagi musim panas dan sore musim hujan ya? #eh

    Gambar no 2 nya kayaknya enak buanget tuh om … slrrrppp πŸ˜€


  4. Process, or phenomenon? I’m still not entirely convinced that it’s 100% global warming, knowing that we still live in the ice age, and when nature desires, well, she could easily freeze our ass off again, just like that. If you’re looking at it from the global warming perspective, it is a process, and probably, one we could reverse (although it takes massive effort to do so), so, there’s always hope. Even just from these seemingly small switch-off-your-lamp campaign.

    Well, happy October to you to. Hope we’ll see a lot more October, until Earth decides to bury us all six feet deep in snow.


    1. Interesting point, there. I would say that phenomenon, in this case, is something that is not created by human and nothing can be done to stop it. Process, on the other hand, is caused by our careless attitude toward the environment and we now have to pay the price. Yet process might be controllable, or reduced at least.

      Happy October πŸ˜€


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