We Shall Overcome

Disclaimer: I have carefully considered the sensitivity that might arise from posting on this topic. However I also feel compelled to speak for the silenced ones. Let me assure you that I hold no prejudice on any of you, my lovely friends. Thanks for your understanding šŸ˜€

For those of you who have not been updated on the attack case against a church that occurred on Sunday (12/9) in Bekasi, West Java Province, here is the background story:

Church Elder Stabbed in Bekasi Attack (The Jakarta Globe, 13/9)

Some heated discussion have spun around the internet for the past 24 hours and I am in no position to add to the issue. I just would like to express my deepest sympathy to the victims and to pray for the recovery, and for the congregation to be able to worship freely without any further persecution. I do hope that our president would act quickly to capture the perpetrators and bring them to justice and to safeguard the religious freedom for all citizens.

I also pray for the safety of another small congregation near my home where my parents attend the Sunday service. I am aware of the concerns that they have over the fear that the similar persecution might occur anytime.

However as I put in my Facebook status last night, yesterday was a test for our country. We saw an inhuman act of some crazy people attacking church pastor & elder. But we also witnessed some graceful Muslim friends offering help and even donating blood to the victims. This shows that our people remain united against any oppression that threatens our harmony and tolerance. I have never been prouder to be an Indonesian citizen than today.

What a great country we live in!

As for the future, we cling to the Lord for His blessing and grace and trust His divine plan. We may cry today but we know we will be free someday.

We shall overcome someday

Deep in my heart, I do believe

We shall overcome someday

Sunday service, held outdoor (Bekasi)


Quotes by Charles Albert Tindley

Image 1: Fahira Idris

Image 2: source withheld

5 thoughts on “We Shall Overcome

  1. Yes! Safeguard for religion freedom for every citizen is a must!
    Anyway, I bet you feel prouder of being Indonesian after picture number one. šŸ™‚ Me either! I just wanted and always wishin that every citizen in this country get widened paradigm for peaceful Indonesia. With widened paradigm, I guess there is no barrier between us šŸ™‚

    Damai untuk kita semua, Damai untuk Indonesia, Damai untuk Dunia šŸ™‚


  2. Semoga masalah ini cepat beres. Gw ngerasa pemimpin Bekasi ini agak-agak lemot ya nyelesaian masalah sensitif kayak gini. Udah bermasalah waktu patung 3 Mojang dan sekarang HKBP.


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